About Us

CAMTAMA has emerged as a consultancy in providing culturally appropriate & competent customer service solutions in the hospitality trade throughout South East Asia. As a pilot program, based in Siem Reap, CAMTAMA aims to become a successful training and mentoring association. The organisation is offering high quality individual and group training, with the aim to improve self-esteem, pride, job satisfaction and skills for all participants involved.

CAMTAMA is the project of Elke Helten and Michael Hartzsch who started their career in a variety of different fields, ranging from sales, tourism, social services, event management as well as senior management. With their philosophy of providing enjoyable, empowering and effective quality training, Elke and Michael have been remarkably successful in the past. After spending more than a decade working with different international companies, the pair observed the current “customer service world” lacks in professional and dedicated staff and is in need for further development.

CAMTAMA aims to improve its participants work and people skills, so staff will have more job satisfaction, a broader understanding of an international clientele, as well as becoming more professional and content with the work they carry out. The team constantly works on finding more effective, innovative ways to meet every requirement, clients may look for.

We are a trusted and respected organisation and we do our best to ensure your rights and well-being is met at all times.

We like to share our expertise with all members of our “new family” and ensure that participants will gain a better understanding and will have a broader view in the customer services environment.


As our motto states:

“if you didn’t inherit success, create it”.